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'One Moment in Time'  Garden and Wedding commissions



Capture those glorious garden blooms you love in a unique piece of art to display in your home and brighten the dullest days.

Using an ancient botanical relief technique, I create strong plaster cast panels from your favourite flowers, herbs and plants, collected on the day when everything looks stunning in your garden. An everlasting memory of beauty in that one moment. Available in various sizes and shapes. A perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

How it works:- Each bespoke panel is made, in conjunction with the customer, to memorialize special places or events forever in plaster. The process can take 4 to 6 weeks for a natural clay tinted cast to be dry enough for final preparation for delivery.

‘I visit my customer and together we browse the garden ‘on that one day’ to choose favourite flowers/herbs/plants to cast into an everlasting piece of art. I love this part of the process—discussing options and sizes for the panels and being able to share my passion’ NBB


Get in touch to arrange a suitable time for me to come to your garden or allotment and together we will choose a range of botanical specimens to use in your own unique artwork.

Prices are dependent on the size of the cast, the style you would like and any additions like watercolour tints etc.

As a rough guide, for natural pieces, prices start at around £120 for a medium sized (20cm) round, up to  around £250 for a 20cm x 30cm,  £360 for a 36cm x 23cm plaque and £550 for a 50cm x 35cm plaque. I can accommodate bespoke sizes.

These prices do not include collection or postage.


Preserve those cherished memories from your wedding day with a bespoke botanical plaster cast of your wedding bouquet flowers. Using an ancient casting technique, I will capture the essence of your blooms in a unique piece of art to hang in your home. This timeless keepsake can capture the ephemeral beauty of your special flowers allowing you to enjoy them both visually and texturally in an everlasting piece of art.

How it works: -

Firstly, we discuss the date of the wedding and book the date in my calendar, plus what flowers you will have in your bouquet and what sized cast you would like. Things to take in consideration are the style of the cast (natural, white or tinted in watercolour), square, rectangular or round, how many pieces you would like, whether there are any special additions in the cast (ribbons/shells/special memorabilia).

I can also cast spare bouquet flowers in small 10cm roundels as gifts for parents/bridesmaids.

Once a date has been confirmed you will need to arrange delivery of the fresh bouquet to me, to arrive as soon as possible after the wedding (preferably the next day). Or we can liaise with your florist to have the flowers used in your bouquet delivered to me before/on the wedding day.


I will then sort and arrange your flowers to make an artistic composition in clay. This process can take at least one or two days to complete and once the cast has set, the cleaning and drying can take up to 8 to 10 weeks. As soon as it is ready, I will then arrange for delivery or collection of your personal, bespoke, piece of art.


Price guidelines for wedding casts:

23cm round/ 20cm x 20cm square Natural £120 Tinted £150

26cm round/30cm x 20cm rectangle Natural £180 Tinted £210

35cm x 28cm rectangle landscape Natural £280 Tinted £300

10cm Roundel gifts Natural £80 Tinted £100

You are more than welcome to visit my home studio to look at sizes and styles or my website has several examples of both natural and tinted casts. Contact: 07977 561958 

Customer comments:

‘Nettie created a beautiful, contemporary piece of botanical art that offers a tactile visual memory of such a special place’.

‘I am thrilled - this panel is all my favourite flowers from my garden—wonderful - such a beautiful gift to receive!’ ‘ '

This is completely unique—it’s the essence of my garden —hanging in my living room.'

(This service is currently only available in Wiltshire/Hampshire/Berkshire areas)

Small Wedding Casts
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Wedding flowers
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