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'Wild Medicine on Salisbury Plain' - No. 1' 50 x 22.5cm. 

This is the second of two unique casts made in Crystacal R plaster from an original master coloured in watercolour and lightley sealed to preserve the colours. 

Botanicals include:-

These flowers are collected from a local wild garden and from Salisbury Plain. All have ancient and modern medicinal purpose. The process of botanical bas-relief is an ancient method used by botanists to record the finest details of plant species. Real flowers are carefully arranged onto a piece of flat, wet clay, and pressed in. When these are removed the flowers leave behing their unique impression.
The clay is used to create a mould and a strong plaster of paris mix is poured into that mold to create this unique art form of delecate detailed botanicals. 

From this original master a silicone mould can be made which is used to make a limited number of casts,  each one being handmade and unique. 

This is for internal display and not suitable in wet areas. It can be dusted with a brush or damp cloth.

'Wild Medicine on Salisbury Plain' No1

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