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'Spring Bouquet' This floral art is presented in a purpose made wooden frame measuring 36cm x 36cm. 

Currently on display in Sofa&Stuff in Salisbury as part of their RHS Botanical Range

The process of botanical bas-relief is an ancient method used by botanists to record the finest details of plant species. These flowers were carefully arranged onto a piece of flat, wet clay, and pressed in using a rolling pin. When removed, the flowers leave behing their unique impression.
The clay is encased into a wooden mould and a strong plaster of paris mix is poured into it. After curing, the plaster is de-molded, cleaned and sanded to create this unique textured art form showing intricate details of each delecate botanical. 

Each cast is supplied with a wall hanging device but must not be hung in a wet areas (ie bathroom or outside).  It can be dusted with a dry brush or cloth to clean.

'Spring Bouquet' Original plaster bas-relief (POA)

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