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Winter and early spring flowers, buds, stems or vegetables  from my garden or surrounding countryside in the Pewsey Vale - all permanently preserved in plaster. Fresh leaves are pressed into wet clay to make a reverse impression. Plaster of paris is added to the mould and left to set. The clay is then peeled from the plaster cast which is dried (up to one month), cleaned, sanded and hand painted (if required) Each of my casts are unique and the clay molds are not reused. There will be no more until next sprintime! These are for indoor display not in wet areas (provided with a hanging mechanism for wall display) Sizes vary from 10cm (22cm) 15cm (from £27) to 26cm (from £80) in round, square or rectangular shapes.  Handpainting will be an additional £10. Each will be individually priced. Please contact me for individual pictures, requests, or commisions.

Spring bas relief botanical plaster casts -various sizes

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