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Currently on display at Talos Gallery.

'Medicinal Wildflowers' 37 x 23.5cm. Unique concrete cast using white Ciment Fondue cement and kiln dried sand.  Can be hung outside or inside. 

These flowers are collected from a local wild garden and from Salisbury Plain. All have ancient and modern medicinal purpose. The process of botanical bas-relief is an ancient method used by botanists to record the finest details of plant species. Real flowers are carefully arranged onto a piece of flat, wet clay, and pressed in. When these are removed the flowers leave behing their unique impression.
The clay is used to create a mould and a strong plaster of paris mix is poured into that mold to create this unique art form of delecatedetailed botanicals. I then make a silicone mould from the 'master' from which I can produce a concrete botanical cast, which is much more durable both outside and inside.
Each piece is handmade to order. The drying time can take up to 4 or 5 weeks to cure properly before it is safe to ship. 

'Wildflowers on Salisbury Plain' Concrete (POA)

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