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'Medicinal Wildflower 2' The second of two concrete casts (made with Ciment fondue white) containing wildflowers from a local meadow. These casts contain flowers that have ancient, folklore or more modern medicinal properties for treating various ailments, including to ease sore throats, blood pressure, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders, alzeihemrs, pain, urinary problems, insecticide and many more.

This panel includes:- Queen Anne's Lace, Silver weed, Mugwort, Ragwort, Knapweed, Bramble, Vetch, Nettle, Timothy grass and Wild Oats.

The process of botanical bas-relief is an ancient method used by botanists to record the finest details of plant species. Real flowers are carefully arranged onto a piece of flat, wet clay, and pressed in. When these are removed the flowers leave behing their unique impression.
The clay is encased in a mould and a strong plaster of paris mix is poured into that mold to create this unique art form of delecate detailed botanicals.

To make a concrete cast I make a silicone mould from the 'master' from which I can produce a concrete botanical cast, which is much more durable both outside and inside. Each piece is handmade to order. The drying time can take up to 4 or 5 weeks to cure properly before it is safe to ship.

Each cast is supplied with hanging device.

Prices for concrete casts vary depending on size and the type of cement used. 

'Medicinal Wildflower 2' Concrete bas relief cast. 26cm

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